How undressed will I be?

Depending on the modality, most of my massage techniques are typically performed with the client unclothed to some level under a sheet and or blanket. It is up to you and your comfort level what you want to wear.   You will be properly draped during the entire session.

How much skin will be exposed during the massage?

I use proper draping techniques at all times.  The areas being worked on will be the only parts exposed, while the rest of you is warm and cozy under the sheet and blanket.

Do I undress in front of the Massage Practitioner?

No, after our intake session is over I will leave the room to give you the time and privacy to disrobe and get on the table and under the sheets.

What parts of my body will be massaged?

I typically do a full body massage that includes the back, legs, feet, arms, shoulders/chest, abdomen, neck and face.  Each session is customized for you so I will focus on your area of concern and can also not work on certain areas if that is your wish.

The genitals are never exposed or massaged.

What am I supposed to do during the session?

This is your time.  Your time to relax.  You only need to make your self comfortable and let me know at any point if you need more or less pressure or if you are uncomfortable.  I generally do not talk during sessions unless I am asking you questions on your comfort or to have you turn or adjust in some way.  I use all my attention on giving you the best treatment possible so you shouldn’t feel the need to talk if that isn’t something you want to do.

Is there a time I shouldn’t get a massage?

Yes.  That is why it’s important before your first session you fill out a health form.  Also before each massage session I will ask some general health questions and see how you are doing.  It is very important that you tell me of any health problems or medications you are taking.  If you are under a doctor’s care, please receive a written recommendation for massage prior to any massage session.  If you are sick with a fever do not get a massage.  If you have anything contagious (rashes, coughs, mites etc.) do not get a massage.