New Client Information

You should plan on your first massage taking approximately 75 minutes.

Your first massage you will fill out a confidential client health history information form and be given a copy of the office policies. This is where you will provide your health history and current health problems as well as any medications you may be taking including surgeries, chronic pain, mobility problems, accidents, and illnesses.

Also sharing your daily activities such as work, lifestyle, how you de-stress and use your body in your day to day living.  These will give me an idea about your health and if there are possible contraindications.

We will then go over this form together where I will get clarification in some areas and get deeper information in others.  This is also a time you might remember something you need to have added and also ask me any questions or voice any concerns.

We will discuss your short term and long term goals with your massage sessions.  Do you just want a massage to relax or do you want me come up with a treatment plan working for a greater goal of getting back in balance long term.

It is important to understand that sometimes where the pain is felt is not always the source of the pain.  For example someone coming in with low back pain could be skeptical that getting work done on the abdomen would be helpful but it is the access point for the deepest muscles of the low back.

I look at the whole picture and how your body works to formulate my massage treatment.

Communication is key to every session, it is important to let me know at any time if you are uncomfortable or if you need the pressure adjusted to more pressure or less.

Some people cannot lay on their back or on there stomach so let me know and we can work on positioning you in the most secure and relaxed way possible.